The Knowledge Garden

By Jim Kinney, from George Brown College, School of Design

The “Knowledge Garden” is a new chapter in an ever-evolving educational narrative that began to take form as an experiment dubbed “The Legacy of Learning”.It was the fall of 2005. The “classroom” was changing and the traditional roles that bound students and teachers to the enterprise of knowledge transfer were shifting.The tectonic activity of these shifts were driven by sea changes caused by emerging trends in technologies such as cellular communication, the internet and the myriad of data management and social networking possibilities that they enabled…read more

  • Infographic: Knowledge Worker Competencies & Activities-PDF

  • Knowledge Garden Promo Poster-PDF


Webspiration Classroom

created by: Miranda Bowland, Graphic Design Student at George Brown College

Inspiration for Business/Professional Use

Business and professionals use Inspiration®’s three visual learning environments to create diagrams, outlines and mind maps. They use Inspiration software for brainstorming ideas, strategic planning, process mapping, Hoshin planning, outlining ideas and for risk analysis. They easily create organizational charts, business plans, process maps, tree charts and work breakdown diagrams. The hyperlink feature allows them to link a symbol to a file in their computer, another Inspiration diagram, a website or an email.