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To us Learning For All implies the following:

  • Everyone has the right to access and process information in ways that support their learning. Traditional methods of instruction that include paper and pencil tasks and text-bound information deny or limit access for many people.
  • Learners who require technology to learn are not “inferior” to those who don’t.
  • Everyone has strengths and needs that can be enhanced and supported through the use of technology.

Learning For All is committed to supporting Universal Design for Learning as an educational approach with three primary principles:

  • Multiple means of representation, to give diverse learners options for acquiring information and knowledge,
  • Multiple means of action and expression, to provide learners options for demonstrating what they know,
  • Multiple means of engagement, to tap into learners’ interests, offer appropriate challenges, and increase motivation.

Who We Are

Learning for All is a non-profit community providing free resources and support for parents, teachers, learners of all ages, and professionals including occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and assistive technologists.

Most of the resources and support provided are posted by representatives from or friends of Strategic Transitions. They are experts in:

  • Visual learning software, specifically Inspiration Software (Inspiration, Kidspiration, InspireData, and Webspiration Pro), and enhancing user benefits through software integration, creating lesson plans, and designing unique templates.
  • The Universal Design For Learning Principle Guidelines outlined by CAST and ensuring an inclusive learning environment for all.
  • HigherEd and proving the needs and requirements of adult learners within educational environments and the workforce.
  • iPad apps that assist learners of all ages and learning types with a specific emphasis on Inspiration Maps, and Kidspiration Maps.
  • and much much more!


75 Mary Street Unit #1. Aurora, ON. L4G1G3 Toll Free (in N.A only): 800-726-7784 Direct/Int’l:+1-905-726-2853